Sam the Sheep

An Ongoing GRN Project

Discovering the Wonder of God: A Journey for Kids

GRN South Africa is currently working on a new Wildlife Storyteller product for children. Just like Tumi Tiger this new product will include a soft toy, this time a sheep, with a pouch in its belly which will hold a Megavoice solar powered mp3 player containing several short stories for children.

The targeted audio messages will bring hope to people with special needs so that they can know their value in Chris and be informed, educated an equipped. Sam is not any sheep. Sam belongs! He belongs to a very special flock of sheep. And he has the mark/ID tag to prove it. Sam’s tale is still being written from a theological curriculum sharing about the God of the Bible and the Christian faith, covering topics such as:

• Who is God and what makes Him unique?
• What do followers of God believe?
• God and Creation.
• The Fall of mankind.
• Man’s condition after the Fall.
• God’s Commitment to mankind.
• A Promise of Hope.
• The Purpose of life and the Christian lifestyle.
• What is Sin and where does it come from?
• What is Faith and how does it work?

Sam the Sheep with a Megavoice player that fits in the pouch in his tummy

Jacobus De Bruyn

The timeframe for the completion of this project is 12-24 months. Currently, the project is in the research and story creation stage. Once the script has been written, tested and approved it can be recorded. One of the workers helping to write the script for this project is Jacobus De Bruyn who has been working with GRN South Africa part-time since 2022. Jacobus is an ordained minister and has a PhD in Old Testament studies.

GRN Australia would like to contribute to the completion of this project, including providing for Jacobus’ living costs for 12 months to complete the script. It is estimated that it will cost AUD$20,000 to complete the project. Please pray for God to provide the funds to complete this important project.  

GRN Australia is pleased to help our South African team complete this project and would like to send AUD$20,000 so children with special needs can hear about Jesus’ love for them.

Would you considering giving towards this project?

Please pray for the Sam the Sheep project, that our team in South Africa would complete the research, script and recordings soon so that young children with special needs can hear about God’s love for them and come to know Jesus, the ultimate Healer.

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