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There are many ways you can serve with GRN

At this quickly changing and fluid time GRN seeks to be as flexible as we can be when it comes finding ways for people to join our team which is working together to tell the story of Jesus in every language.

We seek to bring glory to God as we work together to fulfil our mission. We work together to grow in our love for God and include him in every aspect of ministry through our daily prayer meetings, to love each other and our neighbours.

Our team consists of volunteers, contractors, and staff. Some come into the office, some work remotely and some do a combination of the two. We have team members in Australia and overseas. You might have an hour a week to contribute, serve here full time, or be somewhere in between.

No one here earns a salary. Some are self supporting, thanks to an independent source of income. Others receive a small allowance which is supplemented by their church and individuals investing in their ministry. Everyone is expected to encourage others to pray for God’s blessing upon their work and the ministry of GRN more widely.

Staff Positions at GRN Australia

Javascript Developer

Funding for this position is a joint responsibility between the worker and GRN.

GRN has a number of websites and apps that help us perform our ministry make our resources accessible to everyone around the globe in thousands of languages. We use a mix of Google Cloud services, and fullstack Vue.js applications backed by a GraphQL API, which connects to a PostgreSQL database. The code is deployed using Kubernetes. Caching is possible with GraphQL or Cloud Firestore. A significant amount of our static content is served by Cloud Storage.

As a fullstack JavaScript developer, you could contribute frontend and backend code to the Vue.js applications which power these services. GRN has a shared-responsibility and test-driven philosophy for its JS codebase, so you would be working with other members of the development team frequently. There will be opportunities to collaborate with colleagues on several projects.

GRN practices “DevOps”, which means developers also fill the operational requirements of their applications. Depending on work schedules, some on-call hours may be requested of you.

This work can be done as either a full time or part time supported staff member, or as a volunteer. Management of these projects is done from GRN Australia, but suitably skilled developers could potentially work from anywhere.

Essential – At least 1 year of JavaScript development education or experience, including:

  • Used jQuery or other common JS libraries or any JS framework
  • Debugged JS using the browser console
  • Written test suites/cases for any application
  • Used explicit types in any language

Very helpful – Some specific JS frameworks experience and knowledge of cloud systems, including:

  • Used Angular, React, Vue, Meteor or similar
  • Implemented a JS frontend with non-JS backend through an API
  • Used Express or other NodeJS servers
  • Familiar with SQL databases
  • Deployed to any of GCP, AWS, Azure, Huawei
  • Used a storage service to deliver static web files e.g. CSS, JS, images
  • Deployed pods to Kubernetes
  • Used any cloud logging or monitoring service

Nice to have –  High level or specific experience with the technologies GRN is using, including:

  • Comfortable with TypeScript and Vue 3
  • Used Nuxt.js, GraphQL and/or PostgreSQL
  • Mocked backend/API responses as part of testing
  • Used Google Cloud Platform, GKE in particular
  • Experience being on-call for a web application
  • Comfortable with the Jest test framework
  • Worked with server-rendered page content in JavaScript

Contact Rob if you are interested or have any questions ( or click on the button below.


GRN is seeking a full-time (or part time – 4 days/week) accountant to perform the day to day financial processing and reporting functions for the mission. Working in conjunction with the Business Manager and overseeing a team of volunteers, this role involves:

  • processing sales, donations and payments in MYOB and overseeing a team of volunteers who assist in this role;
  • performing monthly petty cash and bank reconciliations, credit card reconciliations, monthly BAS/PAYG (IAS) processing & payments for GRN;
  • helping manage and maintain missionary and ministry donations, and foster positive relations with donors;
  • processing the monthly payroll and superannuation payment;
  • conducting overseas payments and money transfers;
  • handling all non-cash entries;
  • assisting the Business Manager with preparing an annual budget and periodic management reports, and liaising with the Auditor;
  • inventory management;
  • managing GRN assets, and tracking any that enter and exit Australia;
  • ensuring the mission complies with legal, tax and employment regulations, and maintaining appropriate levels of insurance;
  • ensuring the accounts are maintained in a complete and accurate manner;
  • assisting with ongoing review, update and maintaining of financial processes, procedures, documents and manuals, including online systems relating to financial transactions;
  • provide input to the Business Manager on matters of investment, expense management and financial policy;
  • managing cash.

This is an exciting opportunity for someone to use their finance / administrative gifts to help people hear about Jesus in their own language.

Accounting or bookkeeping qualifications and experience are essential, as is a good knowledge of MYOB and mid level working knowledge of Excel.

Click the button below if you are interested.

Property Manager

Funding for this position is a joint responsibility between the worker and GRN.

GRN Australia has several properties that we use in the ministry. These properties provide us with office space, recording studios and warehouse, some staff housing, and rental income.

We need someone to manage these properties to the best advantage of the mission. You could help maintain and improve GRN’s office and residential property, and coordinate and supervise more complex projects. Use your skills to help the smooth running of the mission, and reduce the cost of external consultants and contractors.

Responsibilities could include any or all of the following:

  • Monitor the condition of all properties
  • Do minor repairs and improvements
  • Organise volunteers for maintenance and grounds work
  • Request and evaluate quotes for more substantial work
  • Employ and supervise contractors
  • Perform any specialised work for which you are qualified
  • Manage the upcoming studio construction project
  • Be point of contact for the agents for leased properties
  • Resolve any property-related WHS issues
  • Participate in any future property development

This role would suit a builder or other tradesman who wants a change of pace or is recently retired, or someone with excellent administrative skills and an understanding of property issues.

This could be a part time staff position (or full time with other technical or administrative responsibilities), or a job for a volunteer.

Trainee Recordist

Funding for this position is a joint responsibility between the worker and GRN.

GRN is training the next generation of field recordists, so we have developed a 12-month Trainee Recordist program to provide a Bible college graduate the opportunity to begin their mission journey as a GRN recordist. This is a unique opportunity to get field experience recording the Gospel in different languages and to obtain a recognised qualification in Sound Production through TAFE NSW.

The Trainee Recordist will primarily be based in the studio at our Prospect office where they will learn from experienced recordists about GRN specific recording and processing procedures. This will include operation of our field recorders, editing and producing master recordings. The trainee will also be trained in the day-to-day workings of the studio which include preservation and restoration of our audio archive. Furthermore, two days a week will be spent at TAFE completing a Certificate III in Music Industry (Sound Production) where the trainee will get hands on practical teaching from industry professionals.

In addition, the trainee will experience a field recording trip during semester break where they will create their first GRN audio recording. Once edited and programmed this recording will be distributed online via the GRN website and 5fish app.

At the end of the year the trainee will have the opportunity to apply for membership of GRN. Once accepted they would go on to do further training in areas of linguistics and cross-cultural communication before being deployed overseas or locally under the supervision of an experienced recordist. GRN operates in over 30 countries around the world with opportunities to serve in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific and in indigenous communities within Australia.

Suitable Applicants:

The role would best suit someone who has recently completed (or will soon complete) a theological diploma (minimum) and is seeking God’s direction in where to serve.

Desirable skills, knowledge and personal attributes required of the Trainee Recordist include:

  • Growing in godliness and Christian maturity
  • A committed member of a local church
  • An interest or prior experience in operating audio equipment (P.A. systems, recording etc.)
  • A passion for cross-cultural mission and a vision to serve long-term
  • Adherence to GRN’s core values
  • Proven ability to work both individually and within a team
  • Good communication skills
  • Strong computer skills.
  • Creativity and problem solving skills.
  • Availability for traveling or working abroad or in a rural setting for short or long periods.
  • Willingness to undertake further training where required (e.g. linguistics)

As a requirement of studying at TAFE the candidate must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen.

Working at GRN brings some great benefits, including the opportunity to be a part of God’s mission to reach people of every language with the gospel, access to state of the art equipment, the opportunity to travel, a minimal monthly living allowance* and much more.

* Note: The successful applicant will be responsible for raising the remainder of their living costs. GRN will provide training and mentoring on effective support raising.

Contact Simon if you are interested or have any further questions ( or click on the button below.

Graphic Designer

Funding for this position is a joint responsibility between the worker and GRN.

We are seeking a Christian, to work part-time, who can design and create print and digital designs for our publications, promotional materials and web based designs, including for our websites and social media engagement.

The successful applicant would also be involved in producing still and animated graphics to be paired with GRN’s extensive audio library, as well as the design, graphics and layout of ministry resources, such as ESL materials and Sunday School lessons.

This is an exciting opportunity for someone to use their creative design skills and experience in the creation of resources that will help people hear about Jesus in their own language!

Qualifications and experience in creative design are essential.

We are looking for someone who is able to work part-time (2-3 days per week) and there is scope for flexible working conditions and working from home.

Contact Mark if you are interested or have further questions ( or click on the button below.


By volunteering at GRN, YOU can play an important role in helping people all around the world hear the good news of Jesus in their heart language. You will be empowered to serve in areas that you are skilled or interested in. You can work flexible hours around family, travel, study, work or other commitments and you will serve in ministry with other Christians who are passionate about Jesus and missions.

GRN is looking for people who have skills and experience in some of the following areas:

Property Maintenance – Managing property maintenance for residential and commercial properties (including liaising with real estate agents and contractors), lawn mowing, fixing property fixtures and fittings.

Information Systems –  Javascript development, Software Testing.

Finance – Bookeeping.

Administration – Reception duties, data entry.

Linguistics – Language tracking and research.

Studio work – Editing and programming language recordings, database entry.

Volunteers are vital to GRN’s ongoing ministry!

Find out how you might be able to help:

Church Representatives

GRN Church Representatives have a heart for Jesus and missions and want to make a difference by bringing knowledge of GRN and its activities to their local church.

Church Representatives are given the opportunity to represent us in ways that suit them.

For example you could:

  • Distribute our Prayer Guide to your church prayer team
  • Be a point of contact for arranging a GRN speaker to visit your church, mid week meetings, missions meeting etc.
  • Leave a newsletter on the church brochure stand
  • Tell the young adults in your church about our short term missions

The opportunities are endless.

The commitment is small but will make a huge difference. We regularly feed you with ideas and you take on those of interest to you.

You can download resources to help promote GRN in your church here.

Passionate about GRN?

Why not represent us within your church?

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