5fish Development Project

An Ongoing GRN Project

5fish is an essential evangelism tool

Continuing to develop and maintain 5fish is an important part of GRN’s ministry – and it costs us about $100,000 AUD each year

Watch this video to learn how to use 5fish

5fish is freely available to anyone with a smartphone or device that can be connected to the internet. It provides GRN gospel recordings and audiovisuals, Jesus Film and audio-bibles in over 6,700 languages and speech varieties. In some 1,200 languages and speech varieties it is the only known Christian content (source: Joshua Project).

5fish is easy to share

“On the output/distribution end the popularity of GRN’s 5fish is growing by the day. I firmly believe it is currently the most user-friendly app for oral-learning communities where all Bible-based and Bible content is easily accessible in one place and at no charge – and it is legal.”

Dalene Joubert

Leader of GRN South Africa

It’s also easy to use and it’s absolutely free

Maintaining and developing 5fish costs GRN about AUD $100,000 each year. This is very little money to provide such a wonderful tool.

Please prayerfully consider contributing towards 5fish

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