Adopt A Language

An Ongoing GRN Project

You can play a significant role in reaching an unreached people group

There are still thousands of languages and dialects spoken in which the gospel has never been communicated!

Imagine – the speakers of these languages have No Bible (not even John 3:16), No JESUS FilmNo literature or radio programsNo church. Nothing. The gospel remains silent and unshared.

You can send God’s message to a language group that has never heard His Word before

The Good News

There is a practical, efficient and cost effective way to share God’s plan of salvation with all of these neglected languages…

Our Plan: Adopt a Language

For over 70 years, and with over 30 overseas offices, Global Recordings Network has been tracking down the unreached groups of the world to record simple presentations of the gospel. Over 6000 languages and dialects now have prepared gospel messages through this means. Christian workers then use our recordings to share the good news of Jesus.

And YOU can be involved!


Ask for the name of a group to pray for, until they receive the gospel.


An individual, a small group, a church – anyone can sponsor a recording, giving the Good News to a people group for the first time in its history.

Sponsorship includes:

Travel and accommodations for a team to visit the area
Production and distribution of audio recordings
Appropriate playback machines
Upkeep of professional recording equipment


Accompany GRN teams on a short term trip.

The Result
The finished recordings include Bible stories that are presented in a storytelling style. These truths move the listener from creation and the entrance of sin into the world to the ultimate sacrifice of Christ for redemption, and give basic steps for Christian living.

Will you adopt a language?

Partner with us to get the story of Jesus into every language

You can contact Christine Platt at our Australian Office if you have any questions

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