Soldiering on in Thailand 2024

Thailand is a Buddhist majority country where growth in God’s kingdom is slow. The GRN team there has adapted its methods to suit the local culture and legal requirements. They spend a lot of time going into remote communities and getting to know people. They eat with people, share their lives and find ways to help and demonstrate God’s love in action.

Recently Lot and Boy spent two days with the Nyaw people, helping them with the construction of their church building. Lot reports that it was a good opportunity to work together with them to strengthen their relationship, showing them God’s love, and joining them in worship and prayer each day before work.

Early last year the team joined forces with a neighbouring country to record the New Testament in the Moken language. This is a huge undertaking. They are currently checking the edited recording with the Moken people. Pray that the Moken New Testament audio recording will soon be available for the Moken people to use.

The team has been studying Thai Buddhist culture and worldview and adapting our Good News script in order to address their particular questions and concerns. This has been a major project done over many months. We pray that God will use this script to open the spiritual eyes of many Thai people.

Lot (L) helping with the building

The team traveled to visit the Nyeu people in Sisaket Province. They took the GRN Good News script and picture book and spent time talking with a couple of Nyeu people, a Christian woman and a village leader, about plans to record in the Nyeu language. They agreed to help the team to record in their language.

The first step was to translate the Good News script into the Nyeu language. Praise God that this translation work has been completed. By the time you read this some team members hope to have visited the village to help the language helper, the Christian lady, to practice speaking in a way that is natural and interesting in preparation to record.

Team member Anabel had the opportunity to facilitate and participate in the distribution of wheelchairs to 5 Hmong living in a neighboring country. When a leader at the local wheelchair project in Chiang Mai saw photos of these handicapped individuals, he exclaimed, “That is the very kind of people we want to help!” These are poor people with disabilities, often sitting in the dirt, scooting around as best they can. One little boy is from a Christian family. The others are not, but there are believers in both villages.

Practising new recording skills

Anabel with the wheelchairs distributed among the Hmong people.

Give thanks for our Thai team and the opportunities God has given them to love and serve the Thai people and their neighbours while telling the story of Jesus in the languages they find around them.

Our project for this Every Language is to allow the Thai team to finish building the perimeter wall around their property. We already have half of the money for this job and the team needs another $5,000 to be able to complete it. If you feel led to give, you can do so here.

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