Wira and Debby

Meet The Dharmas

Wira is our bookkeeper, looking after all the day-to-day financial affairs of the ministry. Debby makes sure our recordings are stored in the right place with the right name.

Have you ever heard about missionaries who have apparently boring jobs, but their jobs are so important that the mission wouldn’t exist without them? Wira has that kind of job! He sits in our finance office all day, every day. He looks after our money, operates bank accounts, makes sure everyone gets paid, that receipts and thank you letters are sent and even looks after our insurance policies.

His job might sound a bit dull, but when we moved into our new office his desk was the first one to be set up.
He was working away while everyone else was unpacking boxes. Wira quietly and efficiently goes about his work and we are all thankful for him.

The trouble is that Wira is like the mechanic who has the car with the most problems. He spends his time looking after everyone else’s money but really doesn’t like to talk about his own needs.

Debby’s role is equally unglamorous – and also vital! She gets into our database and finds problems. She makes sure that recordings are in the right place, have the correct name, and can be found by people looking for them.

Just recently she found a recording made in an Indonesian dialect that had been lost for a whole decade. Thanks to Debby’s detective work, that recording can now be found by anyone looking for that language. That is important work!

The Dharmas’ work might not be a thrill-a-minute, but it is absolutely essential to the work of GRN. Every month more than 350,000 hours of gospel messages are downloaded in over 6,000 different languages and dialects. Wira and Debby play an important role in allowing that to happen.

Wira and Debby need a solid team of partners to pray for them and to financially support them.
Would you consider becoming their partners in ministry?

Oh yes, they are also Presbyterian Missionaries (APWM)!

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