Tim Wildig

Meet Tim

“Tim serves with GRN as a software developer on the 5fish and other apps”

Tim grew up in Western Sydney and as his parents had been missionaries, went to missions conferences from a young age. There he was challenged to consider the part he could play in making disciples of all nations.Tim didn’t think he was suited for traditional missionary work, but was interested in software and had heard of opportunities to use technological skills in mission. He went to uni to study Computer Science, hoping to find such an opportunity.At a conference for Christian Uni students, Tim found out about GRN and was excited to see the way they were using technology to enable less-reached people to hear God’s Word.Tim started volunteering at GRN, helping to develop the 5Fish iOS app and other systems and, having now graduated, is excited to be able to continue working with GRN.Besides programming, Tim enjoys making music and reading good Christian books.

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