Graham Schabel

Meet Graham

Graham provides technical support for recording, editing and playback equipment in Australia and overseas, and processing audio for distribution.

Graham currently works as an electronics technician and computer support engineer out of our Global Recordings Network office in Sydney, Australia.

He comes from a mobile telecommunications service assurance background, and began working for GRN in 2008.

His current role is supporting our field and office personal with technical equipment used in the recording and editing of Gospel messages in many and varied contexts. This includes microphones, recording equipment and editing computer setups in use in many countries.

Graham also plays a part in distributing the recordings. He is keenly involved with the preparation of the audio and videos files available for download and distribution in other ways, including wifi hotspots, Bluetooth, mobile and our hand-wind Saber player.

On any given day, Graham can be found with a soldering iron and hammer, fixing audio equipment, maintaining audio editing computers in the studios, looking after computer processes that prepare audio and videos for sharing, and interacting with international recordists, assisting with their technical needs.

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