David and Katrina

Meet The Millers

David is our Information Technology Specialist, managing the Australian computer network, developing systems, and participating in the global Information Systems team. Katrina looks after the mailing list.

David and Katrina live in Western Sydney. They joined Global Recordings Network in April 2008.

David worked as a Mission IT consultant with Crosscape Technology Ltd from 1997, providing IT consulting to missions, including GRN, helping industry IT workers to find their place in God’s global work, and helping to link together mission IT workers. While at Crosscape, David obtained a Masters in Information Systems. Katrina helped behind the scenes, encouraging David in his work.

In 2007 David felt that God was calling him to be more focussed on the strategic IT needs of one organisation. Since there was already a relationship with GRN and the Australian office was based in Sydney, it was a good fit. David has long felt that Information Systems is strategic for all missions, however GRN and similar missions can most easily make strategic use of Information Systems since all content is now digital!

David is GRN’s IT Specialist and is part of the International IT team. Katrina assists in the office on a part-time basis.

David has travelled to the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, the UK and USA to assist with various mission IT needs and to meet with other Mission IT workers as part of ICCM conferences (www.iccm.org).

David has worked for various companies as a Unix/Linux System Administrator and Team Leader. He uses these skills to manage Linux servers in Sydney and Temecula.

In 2001, while walking near where they used to live in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, David was reminded by God of Matthew 6 where Jesus says that even the birds are cared for by God, and that He will provide for all the needs of His children. Since then, he and Katrina have been dependent on God to supply theirs.

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