What We Record

We record according to the cultural context and needs of any specific language

We want to remove as many barriers to the Gospel as we can.

For this reason, over our history we have produced a wide range of different recordings, depending on the language and culture the recording is being made for.

All of our recordings are available on 5fish.

Most of the examples on this page are in English, to help you get a feel for the nature of the content we record.

However, in reality we tend not to record much in common languages (i.e. English, Spanish, etc.) as there is already an abundance of Gospel resources available.

Instead we focus on recording the Gospel into unreached language groups that need it most.


The living, breathing word of God.

When a partner ministry (e.g. Wycliffe, auSIL) translates scripture into another language, GRN often does the recording and makes it available. We ourselves don’t translate scripture.

Here are 3 examples of the first chapter of Mark:

Mark 1 In Eastern Arrernte, an Indigenous language from Central Australia
Mark 1 in ལ་དྭགས་སྐད་ (Ladakhi: Leh), a language of Northern India
Mark 1 In Gabri-Kimré, a language from Eastern Chad

GRN Audiovisual Programs

Good News Look, Listen, & Live The Living Christ

We record a number of our own unique audio/audiovisual series (programs). These are simple-language Bible stories that we translate and record into many different languages.

They are particularly useful because there may be a delay of years or decades (or more!) before a particular language group can receive Scripture properly translated into their own language.

Our audiovisual programs mainly fit into 3 categories: Good NewsLook, Listen & Live, and The Living Christ.

Look, Listen, & Live Series

Our Look, Listen and Live series (LLL) is an in-depth overview of the Bible, with teaching points throughout. It goes deeper into Biblical characters and their stories, and includes much more Old Testament material than the Good News series.
LLL is split into 8 volumes, with 24 sections in each.

LLL seeks to reveal how much the world needs Jesus, and how He is the focus of all creation.

Only Volume 1 is displayed here.

English: USA edition of our Look, Listen and Live series (Vol. 1)

The Living Christ Series

The Living Christ series (TLC) is centred on the person of Jesus, and is structured as lessons that look at specific aspects of Jesus’ character, and what that means for the life of the listener.
TLC is split into 120 sections.

Only 60 sections are shown below.


60 Videos

South African English edition of The Living Christ series


Songs and music are an important way that many cultures tell stories and teach truths – and a great way for people to encounter the Gospel!

GRN has recorded a large range of music over the years – here are some examples:

'Mälu Marrkapmirr Nheny' in the Djambarrpuyngu language of Indigenous Northern Australia
'Amazing Grace' by the Family Umodzi Choir, in the Tonga language of Malawi
'حرّرني يسوع (Jesus Freed Me)' in the Arabic: Sa'idi language of Egypt

Words of Life

‘Words of Life’ is a broad category of recordings that are completely unique from one another.
This group includes:


…such as ‘What is Life’ in English: Northern Ireland


…such as ‘How God Saved Me’ in English: American Indian

And other Christian Messages

…such as ‘The Bible, God’s Word’ in English: Aboriginal

'Words of Life' recordings are completely unique to the language in which they are recorded, and its surrounding culture.

Third-party Materials

GRN hosts a number of third-party recordings and materials. 
We haven’t produced these recordings ourselves, but make them available on our platforms). These include:

Scriptures recorded by other ministries

The Jesus Film Project

… and a number of other materials

For example…

The Jesus Film Project

We host materials from The Jesus Film Project, a ministry that seeks to reach the lost through Gospel films.

Find all of our recordings on 5fish:

Wondering how the recording process works?

Find all of our recordings on 5fish:

Wondering how the recording process works?


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