The Year of 5fish

A GRN Project

"When you can't find the words..."

We’ve been refining our app 5fish for 10 years now! It’s an essential cross-cultural tool, and we want to let people know about it

We’re excited to celebrate this special milestone!

In 2022 we hope to inform and educate people all across the world about 5fish, the gospel app in every language.

We believe that 5fish will enable many people to share the good news confidently and will allow many more people to hear the good news in a form they can understand. As it says in Romans, “Faith comes by hearing the message” and 5fish has God’s word in more than 6,700 languages and speech varieties.

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Sponsor The Year of 5fish

This project is going to take time and cost money!

We plan to make videos, visit churches, organisations and conferences, write letters, make phone calls, equip volunteers, produce promotional materials and run advertising campaigns.

Some costs include:

$2,000 to produce video content

$200 – $2,000 to attend a conference

$10,000 for our 5fish project manager (2 days/week)

$500 – $60,000 for advertising (online, magazines, radio)

Your donation, large or small, will be very much appreciated and help us get the word out about 5fish throughout Australia and around the world.

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