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“I use 5fish in my Pastoral Care work in a high-care aged care facility.”

“There is a resident there who is from the Philippines. She has quite advanced dementia, spending most of her active time playing with a baby doll or dancing to music. Her care plan told me that she speaks Tagalog as well as her heart language Ilocano, both of which have GRN recordings … So, I downloaded the GRN resources on 5fish for her.”

“Three times now, I have played these to her. Each time, her countenance changed completely as she heard not only her language but also the stories of Jesus and the Bible. When she listens, she becomes very still, inclines her head to my phone and smiles, looks thoughtful and at times weeps.”

“It is such a joy and very beautiful to see that someone who has lost so, so much, is engaging with God meaningfully. I am currently thinking about how to evangelise people with dementia, and this tool, which gifted and faithful people have worked hard to develop, is just perfect for this. This is just so wonderful, as I know that the message she is hearing is pure Gospel truth. Even in her dementia, she is encouraged to trust in Jesus alone.”

“So I want to say a very BIG thank you to all who have worked on this app and are continuing to make improvements. Keep up the great Kingdom work and be encouraged! This is changing the lives of some of the most marginalised and ‘lost’ people in our country, giving them peace of mind, meaning and hope. Praise God for choosing the lowly things of this world to bring glory to His wonderful name!”

– Katie, aged care worker in Australia

“This is one of my most-used apps in ministry.”

“As I am meeting newly arriving students from ALL over the world (students from 152 countries have passed through our university since 2003), I ask them, “What is the language of your parents and grandparents?” Then I tell them, “I think I can make your phone speak your language!” I show them the 5 Fish app and find their heart language. Then I show them how to download the app.”

“The reactions are always very powerful, especially the more obscure their heart language. Many times, these students, some from very closed and remote places, are hearing the Gospel for the first time ever in their own heart language – in our city!”

– Wes, ministering to youth in a midwestern city of the USA

“I have been working with my people for all of my 44 years.”

“As a child, I often had to implement different ways to share the Gospel, speaking between 3 languages. I was born in Zambia, raised between there and DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). I attended schools in Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United States.”

“Attending school in the United States was a shock to my system, but there we spoke and understood English, so sharing about life and the Gospel was not an issue. I say this to mean that many people do not realise that other parts of the world have a hard time communicating.”

“A short while ago I was introduced to the app 5fish and I have used it ever since. Though I do know my tribal language and can communicate in it, I find that adding pictures and such to a story is more helpful. The Bemba people, as well as many other tribes around the world, communicate best in story form. And to be able to hear a story in your own tongue, well that just makes it come alive!”

“We were working with street kids who were high on sniffing liquid (paint thinner) and so their attention span was not the best. Though the kids were in the town, so they all knew English, they really enjoyed not only hearing the Bible stories but also watching the short videos in their own language. When we moved to our family land in the bush of Zambia, we saw that here, though English is spoken country wide, the village people were not as fluent.”

“We were able to start not only a small children’s ministry but also an adult Bible study. And though there are online Bibles that read the Scriptures out loud, I have found that using the Bible in Bemba with 5Fish, which allows downloading, is so far the best. Other apps do not let me start halfway through a Bible verse, whereas 5fish lets me. I can find the place where I last paused and have it ready next time to share with my people.”

“Having this app in our lives has made speaking to our people easier and better. Thank you to all of the creators of 5fish!”

– Zambshgrl, ministering to his people in Zambia

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